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Quilt Classes


Hello Quilters/sewers/and those who want to learn a new skill, a just a skill in general.
Yes we have some quilting classes available, weather permitting.  
It is Michigan so we never know what its going to look like.
Robin has been very busy lately teaching her Homeschool kids to sew and we have
had some new
faces recently… new to sewing, new to quilting, so check out “Sew Much Fun” on our
website to see new
pics of what everyone has been doing!
                                                 -Robin's Nest                                
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We are always posting new pictures and ideas & we keep pictures of the classes
posted on our website.

Four-week Classes                $30.00 plus book and materials
Carpenters Star (we calculate)
Panel Quilt with borders (we calculate)
Six-week Classes                $45.00 plus book and materials
Log Cabin (quilt in a day book)
Radiant Star (radiant star book)
Yellow Brick Road (pattern)
Convent Quilt (two alternating blocks/9patch and solid-book-Nine by Nine)
Double or Triple Irish Chain (double-Quilts from the Quiltmakers Gift)
                         (triple -triple irish chain quilt in a day)
Split-Rail (more fat quarter quilts)
Friendship Star (Quilts from the Quiltmakers Gift)
Eight-week Classes                $50.00 plus book and materials
Pioneer Sampler (book)
Underground Railroad Sampler (book)
Queen/King Tumbling Block Quilt (we calculate-depends on size of diamond)
Other Classes                Cost: $10.00 per hour

Call or stop in to set up one-on-one class for knitting, crochet or sewing with Robin.  
Also hand or machine quilting, bring a project to work on, or bring in a UFO to finish!  

Sewing Classes generally 1 ½ to 2 hour sessions
1 ½ hour session $15                           
2 hour session     $20

Robin's Nest Quilt Classes

We offer classes during business hours at a time that is convenient for you.
We work around when you can quilt.
We understand that with the fast paced society that we live in, sometimes it is hard to add a class into your
Our goal is not to rush you through a four or six week class but to teach you some quilting skills and make sure
you finish what you start.  We all have too many UFO's (unfinished objects) at some point in our lives and we want
you to be able to finish them, even if it takes longer than our listed class time (4 or 6 week classes), with no
additional charge for any additional time....
    General Costs:
    4 Week classes - $30 plus book (if needed) and materials
    6 Week Classes - $45 plus book (if needed) and materials
    8 Week Classes - $50 plus book (if needed) and materials

    Class Discount: Anything purchased for the class will recieve
    10% discount, we recommend you DO NOT purchase
    everything at once, and all purchases for class will still
    recieve the discount (ex: we recommend to wait on borders
    until your center is completed, there is no need to buy batting
    and backing until the top is completed, etc.)


                               Log Cabin                                                                                                                                                                               split rail                                                                                                          double or triple irish chain           

            Yellow Brick Road                                                         Radiant Star                                                                       Convent Quilt                                             Attic Windows                                        friendship star



             Pioneer Sampler                                                                                                                     Queen/King Tumbling Block Quilt