We have a few yarns. Fun Fur, Tickle,& Samba eyelash yarns, and a few
Homespun yarns instock. Also some hand made scarves.
The images below are linked to our etsy shop where you can
see more information and pricing of the tickle (eyelash) yarn
We have a few homespun yarns in,
regency, montana sky, barks, cherry
blossom, petunia stripes, beachside
stripes, barrington. These images below
are linked to our Etsy site which will tell
you how many skeins we have instock.
We have 4 colors of Samba Yarn instock, Salsa, Rio, Inca, Carnival.
We have 5 colors of Fun Fur still instock. Indigo, Hawaii, Mango, Sherbet, Tropical