Owner:  Robin English                                      

    Robin's Nest opened in 2004.   
    We have been in Edwardsburg for 10 years now.  
    Our first two and a half years,
    we were in the plaza behind Chemical Bank.  
    In December of 2006, we bought our own building on
    US 12, or "Main Street" in Edwardsburg (formally Every
    Bloomin' Thing).  

    We have turned our building into a cozy little Quilt Shop and
    have been "blanketing" our town with warmth whenever

    Robin, the owner, has worked with quilts since she was a little
    girl.  She had not been a real serious quilter until about 2000,
    when she decided to take back some traditions and start
    making quilts for her friends and family.  
    In 2004, after the factory that she worked for closed, the
    opportunity presented itself for her to start her own business.  
    So in June of 2004, with the help of her friends and family, she
    opened her very own quilt shop and she has been helping
    quilters ever since.

The next generation of quilters?  Start um' young...
pass on the tradition.

Check out SEW MUCH FUN to see some of our local
youngsters and what they have been learning!
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